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The online medium has somehow always given preference to watching and listening of music. However, lyrics of Hindi movie songs have not received the kind of attention they deserve; even though searches for them are quite huge across search engines.

Cinelyrics understands that Hindi movie lyrics need to reach ardent music lovers and hence, have come up with a comprehensive listing of all song lyrics; right from the old times to the current favorites and even for those films that are yet to be released. Yes, you read it right. We boast of being the first site across the internet to provide lyrics of yet to be released movies.

Cinelyrics intends to get the much needed emotional connect to Hindi and Marathi movie lyrics and this focus is sure to make us the dominant source in this space across the web. We have already stepped towards reaching the top and will appreciate if your provide us your valuable feedback for serving you better.

We hereby Welcome you to browse through our list of top Hindi and Marathi movie lyrics.